The way she blushed
When he ran his fingers
Through her hair,
She left her head on his shoulders
For she felt it hard to meet his eyes,
When love bleed you see nothing
She had warmth in his arms,
He was something of a benevolent despot
Who often get drunk on silence,
She ran her fingers through his skin
And found thirsty bruises.
There were things she wanted
To tell him, too afraid,
Afraid of her naked imperfections,
She hopelessly watched him
And suffocated when his eyes met hers,
The night when he torn apart
All imperfections
She stained with insanity.




They saw the stardust of a dying star,
“You know about stars ?
They take us home”
She pointed the stars
That guided them yet
They had no home
And how these stars will guide them
Home that never exists.
They are running out of time
She thought about reaching home
Before storm
While he built home in realities
Chasing all the stars, all the day,
All the way, remolding everything.




A magnificent puzzle arises,
It’s key can unlock
The world of dreams.
Don’t run behind it,
It will come to you
As the time arrives.
Destination for survival is myth!
Don’t relinquish,
It can make you more fervid
To the flowers of garden
Of mine where only blooms
Elegant dreams!

Do believe in magic,
With hands that devise
Divine forms of work!
I stared into those,
Where a hope of living being
To fly away through
Ocean and commence
Its life towards later!
A new blossom can lace
Wings to speak its origin.
Strength of a dream
That tends to conceal,
The moon and me.




Ever since the lights faded
You searched for lies
Failed to forget things
It wasn’t meant to be
Fate, ignorance, aging lies
Laugh upon your past for wrong reasons
It is blissful to be among chaos.
Running through all the empty rooms
Searching all the corners
And find yourself lost
When you find the door was open
You have let it go all the while
Wipe the windows with tumbling hands
With all that numbness
You hear a silent cry.




समंदर में खिल गया एक फूल
आपनी खूबसूरती की सूरत ढूँढ़ने के वास्ते
समेट लिया उन नाजुक पलों को,
उसकी ख्वाहिशें निगाहें की तरह फैलती है,
हवा उन्हें इजाज़त के बगैर गले लगाती है
तो वह प्यार की कैदी हो जाती है ,
जिस तरह सागर के लहरें पैरों को छूती है
बारिश फूल के अधूरे ख्वाब भर देती है ।


Silver Stones


She is a misplaced soul
He lived between rain and the silence after
Irrevocable love has awaken between them
Etched with a kiss, unfold
His desperate beauty
She remember him as a wild flower
That blooms in Eternal cosmos
They hold infinity in their palm
And search for each other
Last blink of his lashes shed
Silver stones of stars
She weeps, mourns, till the end of time
Through her poetry
for her love.


Lost soul


Sometimes I can’t write
Silence between the lines
Prefer darkness.
I wish I could write a poem
My heart appeals to write
Still hidden in the corners.
Feelings are dead
My world is chaos, uncertain.
Mortals decayed my words
I wish I could write
For my words glowed
A long time ago
Now they fade
My soul dies between them.
I see the light and breeze
But don’t feel it here
Says my spirit
Who died a long time ago.
I await for my soul
To bloom once again
To live my memories.