Inhibited Dust

I thought it would be a moon kissed rain,
Though It ended up with snow
I saw the moon, I’m pretty sure it was,
But winter moon was sleeping
With the blanket of nimbus.
He thought I was writing my fate,
Merely it was my poem.
I went on a date with life, last Friday
With beautiful moonlit dinner,
Finding my hands sweating dust,
Finding a way into the night,
Slumber of the stars and moon
Died slowly from inside
As I knew the time had come,
When I went to market
To buy some ink
But found later inside my pocket
With dust and rust.
My fingers dusted first
Then pages of my books.

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The rhyme

However, I learned to speak without echoes
As the words stumble between depth of chaos
Which remind me of hopping over the sea
While picking up the floating green pea,
It is bitter green like the night light
Watching them with a caramel of sight
I found babblers in the west of the river
They were staring to the water mirror,
When fishes learn to swim, for future
Little ones were the first to nurture
The river seems to go with their flow
Until the currents gave their faces a blow.


Dried Leaves

Sere land which lay ahead
With mayhem of colours
Apart from the cactus
And scorching sun.

Phlegmatic sea and stolid waves
Sometimes perturbed by tides,
Love of the sea wind towards gulls
They embrace like never before.

Ensuing days of being a flower bee
There was no rancour in the seeds,
Just peal of bird at my garden
And some forlorn thoughts.

The day apple lacked
Bough of blossoms made
Hopping wind grumbling all the way,
With succulent embers and hue.

The season of pineapples,
Vagrant sunbirds of summer solstice
I loved as though they were sick.
But complained about the roses.

When wind was taciturn and delirious
Stifling pillows of darkness,
Moon waned a long time ago
Blithering chaos all over the woods.


Waves and Particles

I remember the days, I spent
Standing in the bathroom,
To drip away the sadness
Through the cold water
That hit my head from shower
Like the ice flakes
Freezing my thoughts
To a stand still.
I watch the water flowing out,
As my overflowing mind,
They are faintly aloof.
I find myself inside a box
No one can take me out
And no probability of
Quantum tunneling.
I stay there as definite me,
With a reflection in the mirror
Being a painting with water
As there is nothing to see
Except the waves and particles.



Learned from you
The art of speaking
May be through figures
Though it is an art
Which I cannot

Learned from you
Art of flying
Far away into pillows
That made up of
Snow and clouds
Without wings.

Learned from you
The smell of mud
Taste of earth
From deep sea
To nonchalant river,
With gust.

Learned from you
Art of let go
Even though
Nothing remains
Food for past
And trembling future.

Learned from you
To burn
And become dust
Swamping the world
With light
And memories of past.

Learned from you
Music of the waves
Mayhem of love
Like the toys I broke
When you hit the stones
At the shore.


An Incomplete Dream

You could desist from thoughts I make
Beseech the rain to hit my body
So that it could wash away the sadness
And those mud splashes beset me,
Refrain from callous weeping of wind
Avid listen to your syllables,
That made me swing in the shrill of vowels,
Like the ingots you smuggled
And casks of wine you drank
Foremost stealth of your beauty
Pallid faces of flowers,
As they die in rain,
For yesterday’s rain swamped earth,
You sprang out of bed with a yelp
Every night with an incomplete dream
Prudence of being a human.


What glimmer when rain end?

Like the shimmering water of the sea
Mind is a desolate place
Where wrath of flowers bloom.
I reiterate the same poems in my diary
While muffled croaks
Of night owl filled the room.
Room was used to blubbering of rain
Since countenance of poem
Seemed vague.
Giving them smell of my skin,
Words sauntered into pages,
Like life levied upon me.
Curtains of my window
Were draped meticulously,
White patches all around.
With an eerie sense I slept,
And the storm was inexorable.
I could see a glint of light
From neighbours window,
The storm bellowed outside
With a heavy hit on the window
As I knew her before,
Because she was with me
We shared bed since childhood,
Though I snug under the blanket
Like I never wanted to hear her.


Lillies I bought you yesterday

Felt your smell
That roves like a flower,
En route I came to a stop
When I see blue flowers
Coated with mist
You were smothered in the snow
As winter was alone,
You went with them
And left me alone,
In the contours of day
I laid on mud, motionless
Waiting for you
To embrace me
As the boat kisses the shore.
You left behind village moon
And started loving city stars
But I never forget
That days we played
Hide and seek
And you went seeking in city
Endured collecting shells
And throwing them back
To the bottom of sea
You were never tired
Of rendition
I thought, you were astray
And squall on shore.
You left behind the lillies too,
Failed to remember the syllables too.



You are forlorn
To sit on a wharf
And feel the cold water
Below your feet
So you pace up
The lofty mountain
With the fleeting view of river
Each time when you run
To conquer the pace.
Nature in her repose
Slept with tiredness
To your outre
So like was the petals
To that of the leaves,
And you forgot it was autumn.
You’re not averse to
The secrecy of nature,
She showed deprecate each time
When It rained
To trust us
With her magics.